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But anyways, hope that gives you a little first hand experience and I haven’t been there in 5ish years so I don’t really know what sparked all of this but I would doubt it was the one guy in Tunisia who sparked it all. I hope some of my friends, like one of my best friends from HS tarek, are ok. I’ll have to get on facebook and find out from him what is going on. Does anyone know exactly what part of the country the riots are in? I keep seeing Cairo on the TV news but Egypt has about 80 mill people that lives on 1-2% of the land and about 60 mill(if I remember correctly) actually lives in cairo.

Women can kill, sexually abuse, emotionally traumatize/bully, be passive-aggressive or vindictive and otherwise mistreat children (especially their own) with impunity thanks to mangina belief in the universal purity of “mother”

That’s why the majority of men locked up behind bars were raised by single mothers. The late Tupac Shakur loved mothers and worshiped women even though his own mother was a crack-addicted psycho who abandoned him several times and brought home a new “daddy” for little Shakur month after month with expected results (black eyes, turmoil, selfish neglectful bitch bringing home abusive boyfriends etc)